Protegis maintains an inventory of over 10,000 SKUs with over 900 line items of planned in-stock inventory. In addition to the new part stock items, we also maintain an inventory of over 2,100 Protegis certified parts. 

With our extensive sourcing capabilities, Protegis can supply new parts as quickly as the manufacturer in most cases. Faster parts replacement means less downtime for your system and a safer facility for personnel. In most cases, Protegis can supply Protegis certified parts for legacy systems at a fraction of the cost of new parts. What's more, Protegis certified parts come with up to a 1 year warranty. 

Protegis repairs legacy parts that are no longer supported by the manufacturer. This unique repair ability translates into significant savings to the customer. We can repair major systems and eliminate the greater expense of replacing them. 

Protegis can help you reduce the number of vendors you must maintain without sacrificing or paying a higher price, and close proximity to UPS international air hub allows fast delivery-in most cases, overnight.